About Mighty Good Road

Mighty Good Road got started reworking big pop hits into scratchy Dust Bowl records. Whether interpreting material lauded as "the worst song of all time" like Starship's We Built This City or "the best song about Los Angeles" like Guns 'N Roses' Welcome To The Jungle, Mighty Good Road reimagined those and more as hardscrabble country folk, documenting the rough truth of life in Darwin's America.

Mighty Good Road's pursuit of writing and arranging unexpected Americana blends eras, genres and styles into something familiar and yet never heard before. In this tradition of blending genres and styles, the upcoming album, Tortured & Truly, offers a taste of a new direction: island jazz with a feel of mid-century samba, shaken and served with playful commentary of modern life. The first single, Let’s Watch TV Tonight featuring Suzanne Waters, with its calypso and rocksteady inspiration, offers a jangly, upbeat — yet misanthropic — suggestion of watching TV with your lover to eschew real life. This is music to feel dreamy to: with lush strings, full-bodied horns, layered vocals, and ukuleles. This is music that evokes a convertible with the top down, the coolest pair of shades, one hand casually on the wheel, winding through cliffside roads overlooking the beach. This is music that serves earnest bossa nova beats with cheeky playfulness. Though it may be a departure from the previous record, it’s not about the road behind you — it’s about the road you’re on — and it’s a mighty good road wherever you go.

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