Essa Dica
(Essa Roupinha Não Tem Bossa)

Essa Dica is pure bossa nova: a laid-back, exotic intro followed by an upbeat groove that asks the question, can that outfit be improved? Translated by lead vocalist Alma Thomas into Brazilian Portuguese from the English, Fashion Tip, the title translates loosely, "Here's A Tip (That Outfit Has No Bossa)".

Alma Thomas: vocals and translation
Rob Getzschman: harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Alex Rocha: electric bass
Gabriel Globus-Honeich: agogo, claves, pandeiro, shaker, shells, snare, surdo, tambourim, triangle, wood blocks
Paloma Gomez: flute and horn arrangement
Benjamin Barreiro: tenor sax
Guillermo Olivera: trombone
Craig Brock: mix
Bryan David: mastering

Release date: June 28, 2024